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Hamilton County

4-H Youth Development

4-H is a community of young people across Kansas engaged in learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. Caring adults that support our programs are essential for youth to achieve their potential based on the guidance, respect, skills, knowledge and wisdom adults can share. 4-H is a nationwide program.

4-H began a century ago as an educational program for the nation's rural youth. Today, 4-H meets the needs of and engages young people in positive youth development experiences. 4-H is the youth development education program of K-State Research and Extension.

4-H is the largest out-of-school youth organization in the United States with over 7 million members. The 4-H program promotes life skills development through an expanding number of delivery modes: 4-H community and project clubs, military and 4-H Afterschool programs; special interest groups; school enrichment; camping and more.

4-H Clover

Who: Youth ages 7-18 years of age from across the county & adults of all ages working together.

What: Join a club that meets monthly to build life skills through hands-on learning experiences. These may include practicing parliamentary procedures during club meetings, giving a talk, making a project or carrying out community service projects.

How: 4-H uses research-based project information to empower youth to do things they've never done before in a creative and confident way. 4-H doesn't have a membership fee, although some projects have cost associated with them.  Best of all, you can choose your level of participation - as much a or as little as you have time for.

When: 4-H organizes for the new year each October 1. Youth may join through out the year, but must join by May 1 if they intend to participate in the County Fair. (Some livestock and food projects have earlier enrollment deadlines.)

4-H Teaches youth to analyze information, make decisions, communicate effectively, prepare for careers, serve their communities and plan for healthy lifestyles - all wile they're having fun. So go ahead - get involved in 4-H - and have some fun!

 4h Grows Here

4-H Basics

4-H Colors

Green is nature's most common color, represents life, growth and youth. White symbolizes purity and high ideals.

4-H Motto: "To Make the Best Better"

The 4-H motto encourages each member to do his or her best and improve the next time, so his or her "best" becomes "better." Members stretch their abilities and capacities to reach their full potential.

4-H Slogan: "Learn By Doing"

The philosophy of the 4-H program provides opportunities for youth to gain "hands-on" experience to enhance their learning.

4-H Pledge:

Each of the four H's of the clover represent ways youth can grow and develop:

  • H ead, stands for decision making, planning, organizing, problem solving and using knowledge throughout life.
  • H eart, stands for strong personal values, positive self-concept, concern for others, cooperation and communication.
  • H ands, stands for volunteering, community service, preparing for the world of work, science and technology literacy, and useful skills.
  • ealth, stands for healthy lifestyles, character, ethics, stress management and disease prevention.

"I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, 
My HEART to greater loyalty,
My HANDS to larger service,
And my HEALTH to better living,
For my club, my community, my country, and my world."

In 4-H, youth have fun with a purpose!