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Hamilton County

Crops and Livestock

Located in southwest Kansas at the intersection of Kansas Highway 27 and U.S. Highway 50. Surrounding Counties are Greeley County (to the north), Kearny County (to the east) and Stanton County (to the south). Hamilton County has a strong agriculturally based economy.  Basic economic activities include farming, ranching, dairies, cattle feeding, retail sales, financial and professional services, health care and tourism. Livestock ranks first in value production, with beef and dairy production being extremely important. Hamilton County has approximately 397 farms.


 There is approximately 635,157 total acres of land in farms, with around 76.6% of these acres dedicated to harvested cropland and 21.6% of the acres to pastureland.

Hamilton County is home to approximately 125,000 head of cattle including calves, in this there are 6,000 beef cows, and 31,500 dairy cows. This comprise 85% of the counties agriculture products sold. Hamilton County ranks #1 in Kansas for Dairy production. 

Wheat is primarily the top cash crop for Hamilton County, with approximately 147,852 acres planted for all purposes. Hamilton County farmers also plant about 33,002 acres of sorghum, 13,836 acres for Forage-land, and 10,780 acres for corn.

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Kansas Cash Rental Rates

Kansas Cash Rental Rates for Hamilton County are as follows:

  • $29.50 per acre for non-irrigated cropland
  • $109.00 per acre for irrigated cropland
  • $6.20 per acre for pasture

2016 Custom Rates

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