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Hamilton County

Welcome to Hamilton County Extension Office

Welcome to the website for the K-State Research and Extension Hamilton County Office. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and find a wealth of usable information.

For more information or to speak with an Extension Agent, please contact our office. (620) 384-5225.

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Upcoming Events

1Office Closed Happy New Year
 4-H Council Meeting 
 Busy Bear 4-H Meeting
6Extension Board Meeting
10Willing Workers Meeting
11FCS/CD PDC Meeting
12Skyland Grain Healthy Living Meeting
134-H PDC Meeting
 Biggest Loser Weigh In
144-H Camp Meeting - Wakeeney
15Ag PDC Meeting
18Office Closed - Martin Luther King day
20Biggest Loser weigh In
23SWYLF/SWVLF - Dodge City
25Hamilton County Conservation District Annual Meeting - Key Banker Award
27Biggest Loser Weigh In
3Biggest Loser weigh In
54-H Council Meeting
 4-H Workshop
8Busy Bear Meeting
10Biggest Loser Weigh In
15Office Closed - Presidents Day
17Biggest Loser Weigh In
21Willing Workers Meeting
24Biggest Loser Weigh In
27Regional Club Days - Tribune