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Recertification for Private Pesticide Applicators

Private pesticide applicators can recertify only by retesting. Renewal applications are mailed to the applicators home address. For this reason, it is important to inform the Kansas Department of Agriculture of any address changes.

Recertification for Commercial Applicators

Commercial pesticide applicators can recertify by retesting or by completing training courses approved by the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA). Retesting simply means that you take the general and category exam again to recertify for the next three years. Applicators may retest beginning in October of their expiration year.

Applicators must obtain a total of four, six or eight credits for recertification, depending on the category as illustrated in the Credits Needed for Recertification section. This will include one core credit and three, five or seven credits per subcategory/category. Applicators must complete the training during their current certification period to recertify for the next three years (see Certification Cycle).

NOTE: Be sure to attend approved training and send in your KDA renewal application and fees to KDA by December 31 of the year your certification expires or you will have to retest to become certified in the following year. It is your responsibility to verify the date, location, credit hours and space with the sponsor of the training program. The identical course may not be repeated in the same year for credit.

Credits for Recertification

Four Credits
1 core credit & 3 pest management credits

Six Credits
1 core credit & 5 pest management credits

Eight Credits
1 core credit & 7 pest management credits

1D - Cut Stump Treatment1B - Agricultural Animal1A - Agricultural Plant
4 - Seed Treatment1C - Wildlife Damage3A - Ornamental
5S - Sewer Root2 - Forest3B - Turf
7F - Wood Preservation3C - Interior Landscape6 - Right-of-Way
 5 - Aquatic7A - Wood Destroying
  7B - Stored Products
  7C - Industrial Weed
  7D - Health Related

Certification Cycle