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Hamilton County


There are many things that improve a community, but few compare to the impact horticulture has. We know that successful gardening enhances the quality of life of individuals as well as their communities. We are here to help you successfully incorporate horticulture into your life.

Consumers have more questions and concerns about the cultivation practices used to grow their fresh edible produce. Many are coming to the realization that growing their own vegetables is the answer to their concerns. Whether you are a first time vegetable gardener or experienced gardener we can give you sound research-based information to help you grow those fresh handpicked fruits and vegetables in your own garden.

Attractive landscapes are one of the most influential ways to make a community a more appealing place to visit, shop, work and live. Turf, trees, and shrubs all add to the attractiveness of yards and public spaces. Enhancing our landscaped with colorful blooming flowers creates another layer of freshness to landscapes. We can help you with questions regarding weeds, what plants will grow best in this area and even how you can incorporate environmental stewardship practices into your landscape.

From ornamentals to edibles we are here to assist you with all of your horticulture questions giving you the research-based information to all of your horticulture needs.

Lawn and garden